Performance-Testing-Best-PracticesGone are the days when load times and page speed were the main considerations for application performance. Today, businesses need more than that in order to deliver a complete solution. This is when the need for software testing proves to be very vital, where it is required to implement a multi-layer testing approach in addition to the regular testing. There are some of the best practices in the industry that helps the tester to think outside of the box and accept broader challenges

Complete Test Strategy

Building a complete test strategy involves detailed steps to implement the different kinds of testing that are required on the application. You can plan, prepare, and understand how the components interact so that you can replicate the real environment.

Think Time Consideration

The time pause taken by an end user while working with an application involves various information that is displayed on the screen and user pauses to understand that. It may also be the case when the user switches from one screen to another or the time taken by him to make a decision, say purchase. While testing, this can be handled by fixing a time between two consecutive requests.

Performance Bottleneck

You might encounter performance bottleneck while testing an application, irrespective of the level of expertise you have. In such cases, you might start with the individual component rather than an entire module. This might take a little more time; however, it will save a lot of time and money.

Past Experiences

It is quite often that figuring out performance issues take a lot of time. You can try testing under similar conditions to check bottlenecks. This observation will help you take your own testing decision based on the experience you gather, which ultimately takes you to the root cause of the issue.

Baselines Tests

If you are working on any performance testing project, time management is very important. Baseline tests help in getting almost 90% of the bugs, so it must be taken seriously. By identifying and isolating issues during the baseline tests you can save a lot of time while performing full load tests. These were some of the issues that you can keep in mind while executing the performance tests. However, regular technical aspects must be followed at the same time. QAGalaxy helps business to deal with challenges and complexities involved during performance testing in terms of infrastructure and user loads.

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