We will see how QAGalaxy helped an e-Commerce website in streamlining its process in this case study. 

About the Client

The Client had a mission to provide quality Hardware products with exceptional service at competitive prices with Shipment options like Ship to Home, Ship to Store, Store Pickup in the USA.

Problem Statement
    • It was an e-commerce website with vast Inventory and in-depth tax calculation based on different regions of USA
    • There was no formal documentation provided for the projects. QA was dependent on release build available on QA servers to understand the project, write Test Cases and then execute them Most of the testing was done manually
    • The client also required real-time updates to critical issues which could affect the release
    • There was no standard Bug Tracking tool. The client was using their own legacy tracking tool which had many shortcomings from logging the tickets to the assignment, tracking, and reporting
Proposed Solution by QAGalaxy
    • Quickly developed an understanding of the application by coordinating with the Onshore development team
    • Introduced VSTS to capture requirements and have a mapping of requirements to Test cases and defects
    • Test Scenario review followed by Detailed Test Steps review
    • Developed Smoke and Acceptance Test Cases for validation
    • In each release, QA tested the New Feature and Bug Fixes
Tools Used
    • Bug Tracking Tool: VSTS
    • Collaboration: Slack
    • Screen Capture Tool: Screencast, Jing, and LICEcap
    • Other tools: WinScp, Google Docs
The Benefit to the Client
    • The challenge was met and delivered keeping in mind the client’s fast-paced development cycle and the business impact on the client as well as their partners
    • The client was always updated with current testing progress and roadblocks – helped focus on major issues
    • Bug fix and verification time decreased due to the involvement of the night
    • Test Cases update and reusability increased, thus saving more time

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