With the advancement in technology and many changes that happened to software testing practices, we can expect a redefined approach towards DevOps, Combined Automated and Manual, and more in the year 2018.

2017 was quite exciting for the entire software testing community, especially the trend towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. There was a shift towards adopting DevOps and Test Automation practices and tools more than ever before. With the increase in automation with the more powerful automation tool, test data management was easier and quicker and helped to shorten the release schedules.

With the going trends, there are some bold predictions for 2018 in the area of software testing & QA.

1. Adoption of DevOps

DevOps ensure the software’s quality and reduce the time from development to operation. Over the past couple of years, DevOps have been a choice for many organizations. This trend is expected to increase, as there are more organizations willing to use DevOps fully.

2. More Test Automation

According to the latest world quality report, test automation only accounts for 20% of the total testing efforts. This is because many organizations still focus mainly on functional and regression testing. With the increase in DevOps test automation tool must include the support to integrate with DevOps toolchains. Moreover, it also helps in shortening the delivery time.

3. Combined Manual and Automation Testing

With manual testing, it’s difficult to overcome challenges in a complex test environment with shortening delivery cycles. With the right testing strategy, you can take the benefits of both manual and automation testing, and this trend is going to continue.

4. Smart Test Automation and Analytics

Software development often involves AI and machine learning for productivity and product’s quality. With this, there will more intelligent test automation technologies to generate test cases, scripts, data, etc. Intelligent tools can offer better analytics to detect faults and visualize test results.

5. More Mobile Test Automation

Lack of right method, tools, and devices have taken automation for mobile at a lower level. However, with the emerging mobile platforms and applications, there is a demand for short time-to-market. Right capabilities and technique can make mobile test automation more affordable and executable in the years to come.

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