QAGalaxy provides automation testing frameworks with the best use of open source and commercial automation testing tools. We have the right expertise and experience to choose the best tool that best suits the clients’ requirement and provide them with timely and cost-effective solutions. Our solutions are designed to work in diverse environments, ensuring that the system handles the expected load and performs seamlessly.

Choosing the Right Tools

Choosing the best tool is the key to perform automation testing. Selecting the right tool ensures a product of high quality and value and also avoids wastage of resource and time. Automation testing experts at QAGalaxy are adept in using the latest tools and technology for any framework. We also have ample expertise is using various licensed tools wherever required and ensuring a win-win situation for the customers.

QAGalaxy Proficiency in Automation Testing Tools

Our automation testing experts are proficient in using various automated testing tools. Some of the most common tools used by us include the following.

  • Selenium – This open-sourced automation tool is capable of testing on various browsers and supports many automation methodologies
  • TestComplete – TestComplete is a functional automated testing platform that allows testers the ability to create automated tests for Microsoft Windows, Web, Android, and iOS applications
  • HP QTP/UFT -This is one of the most widely and extensively used automation tools in the industry. It is commonly used for web and client/server app testing in various environments
  • Katalon Studio – Katalon Studio is an open source automation testing solution that is built on top of open-source automation frameworks like, Selenium and Appium with a specialized IDE interface for API, Web, and Mobile testing
  • Ranorex – This is a GUI test automation framework used for the testing of desktop, web-based and mobile applications
  • Appium – Appium is an open source automation tool that is used for running scripts and testing native applications, mobile-web applications and hybrid applications
  • Robotium – This is an open-source test framework for writing a gray box test case for Android applications. It can also be used for writing function, system, and acceptance test scenarios, spanning multiple Android activities
  • Sikuli – Sikuli is a visual technology to automate graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots)
  • JMeter – Apache JMeter can be used as a load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services, especially web applications
  • Loadrunner – This tool can be used to test applications, measuring system behaviour, and performance under load. It can also simulate thousands of users concurrently and analyze the performance of key components of the application

We also use some of the other open source and commercial tools available. However, the choice of tools totally depends upon the customer’s requirements.