Functional Testing Automation Strategy: Key Components

An effective functional test automation strategy involves the following components.

  • A right combination of skills in the team
  • The right selection of the test automation tool
  • Choosing the right test cases
  • Test environment setup
  • Executing test cases
  • Maintaining test suite
QAGalaxy Functional Testing Automation: Key Features
  • An efficient functional testing framework
  • Selenium Automation Lab to provide comprehensive functional automation testing
  • Managed and Cost-effective manual functional testing
  • Latest technology and tools (Both commercial and open-source automation tools)
  • Unmatched functional testing framework to provide the best ROI
  • Dedicated Subject Matter Experts
  • Design analysis, test script writing, and comprehensive review
Functional Testing Automation Process

QAGalaxy functional testing services ensure that the clients get best out of automated test framework and tools. Our testers cover the maximum test procedure, optimize the framework and ensure that the end usage is streamlined. QAGalaxy’s testing experts manage the test methodology, tracking, tracing requirements, managing documents, scheduling execution, and automatic troubleshooting and reporting. Our automated functional testing services help customers to reduce their cost, time and resource deployment through our advanced and latest comprehensive test sequences.

QAGalaxy’s functional automation testing involves the following activities.

  • Test architecture definition
  • Identification of test cases
  • Execution of test cases
  • Documentation of results
  • Recording the process for automation
  • Arranging system for boxed installation
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Measuring ROI

Functional Automation Test Tools

  • QTP
  • Selenium
  • JMeter
  • Soapui
  • Winrunner
  • Watir
  • Test Complete
  • Loadrunner
Functional Automation Framework

QAGalaxy has expertise in providing an effective solution that suits customer requirements through its robust functional testing framework. The functional automation testing framework created at QAGalaxy’s lab is low on maintenance and high on quality. Our testing experts have the proficiency of using both licensed and open source tools with the latest technology. Moreover, by incorporating the best industry practices, we assure reliable and cost-effective automated solutions for our clients.

Functional Testing Framework Specialization

With the advancement in technology, there is a growing concern for saving time and cost in app development and testing. The presence of open source tools has raised the demand for an automated framework. QAGalaxy’s focused approach and choice of the best open source tool help a client to meet their business goals on time. With the help of experienced testers and automation frameworks we identify key areas of automated software testing, including concepts, practices and ensure the best solution for the customers.

While focusing on robust testing frameworks, we guarantee low cost on maintenance, enhanced and consistent performance, and high flexibility. Any change in the application updates the Startup and Driver Scripts automatically and the test case file is modified to execute the functional testing framework.

Automation Framework
  • Hybrid Test Automation Framework
    • Modular
    • Keyword Driven
    • Data Driven
  • Automation Test Suite
    • Functional Test Coverage
      • Sanity Tests
      • Installation Tests
      • Web Service Tests
      • Database Verification
    • Components
      • Function Library
      • Object Repository
      • Modules
      • Test Scripts
      • Reusable Events
    • Supported Controls
      • Web Controls
      • Win Controls
      • WebServices Control
      • Database Controls
    • Logging and Reporting
      • Exception Handling
      • Call Stack Reporting
      • Excel Reports
      • Database Logging
      • Email Notifications
QAGalaxy Automated Functional Testing: Benefits
  • A cost-effective approach, ensuring high ROI
  • Reliable and consistent automated functional testing framework
  • Components are reusable and easily transferable
  • Reduced redundancy through research
  • Maximized effort and resources
  • Quick test development and execution
  • Proper resource utilization