QAGalaxy timely and cost-effective performance testing framework ensures that it meets all the performance parameters that are set. We strive to provide the best services by adhering to the international industry quality and ensure that we provide the best product with low-cost maintenance and fewer bottlenecks. Our expertise in performance testing automation helps a client with low development cost with support across multiple hardware and software. We use a number of licensed and open source tools at our lab to identify bugs in the least possible time.

Performance Test Automation

Performance Testing Tools
  • Loadrunner
  • Webload
  • WAPT
  • JMeter
Why QAGalaxy Performance Test Automation Services?
  • We help customers to achieve their business goals by designing a performance testing framework that best suits their business needs
  • We assure delivering a product of the best quality and superior standard.
  • We implement an efficient and cost-effective approach to enhance performance while focusing on identifying key parameters and limitations
  • Our experts are capable of identifying the bottlenecks in the application through a customized framework, which can be changed to enhance the performance
  • Our expertise in using open source and commercial tools cuts down cost and promotes better compatibility
  • We identify the bugs at an earlier stage to allow greater scalability, productivity and gain the trust of the clients
Performance Automation Framework

QAGalaxy team is expert in designing performance testing automation framework that ensures low cost with high product quality. With the expertise to use both open source and commercial tools like JMeter, WebLoad, NeoLoad, etc., we are adept in creating customized system testing automation framework that helps clients with reduced development cost and better output.

We offer a hybrid solution, which is both cost-effective and easy for load testing for our customers. With our customized performance automation platforms, we ensure accelerated product development, which has helped us gain a position as one of the fastest growing software testing company. We also offer a perfect combination of tools and frameworks that improve the load testing efficiency and removes the need to re-design scripts for new products.

Load Testing Architecture: Key Components

The entire load or stress testing architecture into divided into three parts.

  • UI Application: We perform stress and load testing and include Ajax web development techniques on the browser
  • Internet Protocol: We commonly use HTTP and HTTPS. However, RTP/RTSP, SOAP/XML, RSS or any other Web 2.0 protocol can also be used
  • System Under Test (SUT): This is the key essence of load testing efforts