Test Design & Approach

Our approach towards customized software test management methodology ensures coverage of entire client requirements. By our flexible approach, we consider implementing the latest Behavioral Modelling technique to cover the maximum test cases and take all the required steps to ensure stability and functional consistency.

Test Models & Planning

We have the right expertise, which helps clients to set test goals and plan the test activity to get the things done in less time and cost. We also help clients in rationalizing their test activities as per their requirements, which reflect the best test scenarios.

Test Process

We cater the need to manage the test process in a seamless manner through our software test management services. QAGalaxy test validation process incorporates test specification and strategy and adheres to sub-processes and process with the main focus on quality.

Test Team & Communication

With proactive communication and coordination, we assure the best possible result. We are very transparent in our approach where we brief our clients about the progress at each step. We also consider their feedback and implement them instantly.

Testing Estimation

With our flexible and dynamic approach, we make a nearly perfect test evaluation before starting testing. We totally understand the organizational needs and are capable of assessing the advantages and disadvantages of various testing models. We are also proficient in bottom-up estimating techniques, which help identifying resources, time, and effort required to complete the testing activity.