QAGalaxy’s regression testing approach ensures minimal disruption with being cost-effective at the same time. Our experts ensure that the application doesn’t get impacted with the addition of some new features, i.e. the existing quality of the application is maintained.

As the application is brought under regression testing, first the team analyzes the impact of the changes in the application and test environment. Any change in the test environment means a change either in the deployment settings, database updates, or operating system updates. Changes in the application can happen in the form of bug fixes, functionality enhancement, integration, patches, etc. We ensure that the outcome of these changes plays out only as planned originally.

QAGalaxy Regression Testing Approach

QAGalaxy uses a well-defined regression test approach for performing effective regression testing.

    • Detailed traceability matrix
    • Dependency analysis
    • Reports change
    • Release regression test pack
    • Risk-based analysis
    • Continuous deletion of test cases that are not required