The secret behind the spectacular rise of a Rental Property Management Software: A Case Study

We will see how QAGalaxy helped a Rental Property Management portal in getting flawless user experience.

About the Client

The client had a Property Management software application. In this, any property management company could sign up and manage their properties online. There were three different Portals in this application (I.e.  Admin Portal, Tenant Portal, Owner Portal). Property is the Centre point of this Application. It has all the integrated modules to manage properties of any sizes, which includes Manage Admin, Tenant Management, Online Rent Collection, Accounting & Reporting, Lease Management, Form Management, Maintenance  Tracking, Property Inspection, Service Request Management, Vendor Management etc.

Problem Statement
  • The client required QA professionals who are testing experts and also have a development mindset to test their product in the way their end-users would finally use it.
  • Bridging the information gaps between end-users and developers. Helping developer’s to get customer issues resolved at an early stage.
  • Since our client has a different time zone, the maximum overlapping time for interaction with our team was required by the client.
 Proposed Solution by QAGalaxy
  • We tested the basic UI elements and functional controls.
  • Test for the various updates of the application like Stable, Alpha and Beta versions of the builds.
  • We set up an exhaustive lab equipped with MACs (different OSes and models), Windows system (with a variety of OSes) and a number of iOS & Android devices to make sure the product is being tested across a variety of platforms.
  • Pre-defined sample applications from client to test the functionality at each updated version were used by the team.
  • Testers kept upgrading their test environment to make sure that the product is compatible with all updated OSes and other supportive tools. This helps in catching early compatible issues.
  Tools Used
  • Bug Tracking Tool: Trello
  • Collaboration: Slack
  • Screen Capture Tool: Screencast (Screenshot and Video), LICEcap
  • Others: Google Doc’s and Skype
 The Benefit to the Client
    • Teams working in shifts provided the client approx. 6 hrs on a daily basis to discuss and plan anything with the test team with ease. This resulted in better productivity, resolution of issues without losing much time due to time zone differences.
    • Test team working on triaging of issues helped to minimize the developer’s effort on reproducing the bug and optimizing effort that can rather be used in fixing the issue. This helped the internal developer’s in dealing with issues coming from end-users at very early stages.
  • The test team, looking at other similar products available in the market, helped the client to get their product build according to benchmarks already set in the market.

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