Before you start automating your test cases, you should always care about the below-mentioned points. This will help you to automate efficiently. Though there are various other factors, the following points will solve your problem to much extent.

Automation Testing Considerations
  1. Is Initial cost for automation too high?
    Decide the automation tool and purchasing license, hiring Automation resource with the right skill and maintenance of script.
  2. Did you choose the right tool to automate your application?
    Do a POC before automating application. Identify tool based on the area it will cover to automate and it should be capable of automating the maximum flow of the application.
  3. Is your system manually tested?
    Your application should be stable enough to run the Automation Test end to end. This greatly saves time and maintenance cost.
  4. Are there any continues changes in application flow?
    Try to avoid scenarios which have a lot of continues changes. This will increase the maintenance cost. Moreover, this will add less value to your overall test result.
  5. How frequently you will use the test?
    Pick the test which you have to run frequently. Avoid automating the scenario which will be run less frequently.
  6. Is the test complex to execute manually?
    Automate complex scenario that is hard to execute manually. This saves time and results are accurate.

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