Ranorex is a test automation software that is extremely easy to use. Even a non-programmer can use the script-free functions and drag & drop option, whereas an expert can enhance their test suites using API for C# and VB.NET. Its unique identification process with a powerful GUI recognition technology allows you to find element anyway. It also allows you to reuse code with a simple click & go functionality across multiple test cases. You can just press the ‘Record’ button to simply record the tests. With an easy-to-use editor, you can delete redundant steps easily. Test Management tools like Test Collab is a free test management tool with a simple and easy UI. It allows issue manager integration with various bug tracking tools. So, why it is important to integrate Ranorex with Test Collab?

A link between manual and automation testing

The disconnection between manual testing and automation testing is the main concern for the majority of the teams. However, if you keep them intact, you can improve the testing productivity as well as improve the QA process.

On-demand test execution for some test cases

There are various examples where automated tests are tied up with the Continuous Integration Servers. However, you need no run the test cases together all the time. You often need to test one or two functionality at a time.

Remote triggering automated test case and archiving results

There are times when you need to test an important part of your application without configuring the entire application or suite. Here, the concept of remote triggering comes into the picture.

Key takeaways:
  • For better control, connect your manual and automated testing together
  • Automated test cases allow you to do more by enabling remote control
  • Have granular control by running single testing without having the need to run the whole build

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