Selenium is one of the most trusted and popular tools for web browser automation testing. It caters the need to automate web application for testing as well as automating web-based admin tasks. However, it requires a different approach with a different set of tools. The best part is that you will have a different approach to different automation problems.

JacaScript Frameworks

There are many applications that are web-based and requires an Internet browser for execution. This has increased the demand for web-based frameworks. JavaScript is very simple, flexible, and widely used for web application development. Some of the advantages that make JavaScript framework so popular are its efficiency, safety, and cost.

 Selenium and JavaScript

Combining selenium and JavaScript is the best practice. MEAN (Mongo DB, Express, Angular, and Node.js) is one of the most popular stacks that are used to build dynamic websites. Node.js can be used with Selenium to serve the purpose of test automation effectively.

While writing test, you can use Mocha’s test structure and use methods to execute several operations before the start of each test and after it finishes. You can use Selenium inside Mocha’s method to operate within the webpage content. This proves that you can make well organized and functional tests by combining Selenium methods and Node testing libraries. You can use Mocha’s command to execute the tests. This shows how strong Selenium is when it comes to the testing webpage in JavaScript framework.

At an advanced level, you can build web crawlers, automated filling forms, and other similar purposes.

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